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March 12, 2021

I’ve been insulted as a whore by a total stranger who doesn’t even know me.

I have learned something from it and come to the author of the previous review. I will no longer reply to a message if there is no interest, but will block the person. That’s why everyone complains that no woman is answering here. Otherwise it should be mentioned that the advertising is unbearable. Half a page full of advertising.

It’s understandable that as a woman you don’t react to primitive, stupid messages. At finya, however, the women generally do not react to anything. Or maybe you have to be a 190 cm tall Latin lover, with long, black hair and blue eyes 😉 …. who needs it …

Oha, another user who sees advertising on finya. Well, then I probably had something in my eyes …

I absolutely share your opinion. This site is a disaster and in my opinion misogynistic. Women over 50 are not even allowed to upload a photo of themselves. And the insults and almost misogynistic statements of the male members are tolerated by the provider, simply outrageous. If a woman calls the provider in Hamburg, it immediately says: “Contact us by email, we will not make any phone calls!” Hello? if you report by mail, you get no answer at all, just disgusting. In addition, women either make themselves much younger, as some men do all the time, then they can register at all, are addressed and can also send and receive emails. The women who reveal their real age can register so that the provider increases its quota, but are not even allowed to send a message, let alone receive it. The provider says that the site will remain free. I don’t think it will stay that way in the long run. Apart from that, more than 80% of the men there are tied up and just looking for an affair. For every male profile, when asked what “are you looking for”, almost everyone writes this: steadfast partnership, nice flirtation, friendship, a trip, going out together, visiting museums, theaters, etc., nice acquaintance, ha? do these guys even know what they want? Here I think the provider must do more to protect people who are serious about searching …

After more than a year, I have deregistered from finya. I have no idea what problems other users have with alleged advertising – I haven’t seen a single crumb of advertising on finya.

funny online dating profile examples for men: Most effective talk beginners – Important

March 12, 2021

(Between over 300 screenshots of blatant success stories, our own Tinder chats from the first message to the number swap and “spicy” WhatsApp “chats, you will also find the key to another world hidden there. But only for those who really want to take a close look … :-))

At the end of this article you have now got some examples of creative Tinder profile texts that can attract attention and bring out a laugh or two if you use them as a Tinder status description.

As I said, we always recommend writing the Tinder Bio yourself and not just copying entire texts. But if one of the examples shown here attracts attention and matches your personality and humor, then the text serves its purpose and you can take it and test it.

So you now really have EVERYTHING you need for a really awesome Tinder profile text: Our best tips & tricks as well as some text modules if you want to write your Tinder description text yourself. As well as some examples of complete Tinder info texts that you can simply take over until you can think of something of your own.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other cool examples of the description text.

And if you liked these tips & tricks for the profile text, then I can recommend our ultimate guide with our 29 most effective Tinder tips of all time.

And be sure to register below for our free Tinder coaching by email if you want our best strategies and tricks for irresistible Tinder photos for up to 10 matches per day and our exact chat strategy for 2 or more Tinder dates per week.

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Fabian is the founder of the TinderAcademy and his goal is to enable you to have more exciting dates through Tinder. When he’s not busy cheating on the Tinder algorithm or going on dates, you can find him head over heels in a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or out in nature. If you have any questions about Tinder, take part in the Tinder Academy Email Coaching or join the Facebook group.

I usually never comment on posts on any website, but … (sounds like “I’m not one of those,” right?).

Your tips are great. I have no problems getting to know men on Datingapps, but I would still like to make an effort to create an appealing profile (maybe that’s why I have no problems 😉) and have found good suggestions from you. Now comes the but: I was pleasantly surprised by the tips until I got to the profile text examples. Personally, I would have swiped left at 70% of it. They are exactly what you want to train the guys off. Rather uncreative and too exaggerated. Of course the men should personalize them, but let’s be honest … Does anyone do that? In my experience, no … And THAT’S why I’m writing to you. Everything was so beautiful until the examples came. Except the one in which the man marries his mother and is now my stepdaddy, that is legendary….

That should just be a suggestion from me to you, because you have already suggested to me.

Something like profile texts is of course always a matter of taste and everyone likes something different. Therefore it always has to fit the person and reflect their personality. And if that’s the case, then it’s okay if 90% don’t think it’s good. Because there would probably have been no basis with them anyway.

But if you ever have examples of men’s profile bios that you really like, you can just send them to me by email to (hidden) and maybe I’ll add them to the article.

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dating rules for men: The 15 Factors People Need to Under no circumstances Complete

November 24, 2020

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Store or access information on a device, Personalized content and ads, content and ad measurement, audience information and product development, Precise geo-location data and identification through device characteristics

From the courts to the lions, allowing herself to be carried away by “the decisions of the bosses,” and without refusing to board all the passing trains, like the one that led her to her magazine, It’s already noon. Living “until the last consequences”, and writing books that impregnate part of her essence, as in Thousand forbidden kisses.

The journalist and author, Sonsoles Ónega, refuses to “take no risks” professionally and personally, and confesses, in an interview for El Independiente, the secrets and teachings of her new novel, delves into her chameleonic television career, and he is critical of a “bleak” political outlook, which he believes has “strategy and short-termism” to spare.

Answer.- Love in the novel is a recurring theme but there is always a different way of telling it, or at least yours. In this case, more than a forbidden love, it is an interrupted love, due to the circumstances of the characters to whom life gives a new opportunity. I was interested in that, to see how they continue with a love that life forces them to put an end to at first, but which instead turns on 20 years later in this case. I’m interested in what is said in them. They are characters who do not need a prologue to start their story again. That’s what I wanted.

In addition, making a contemporary novel, I came from making a novel set in the 30s, outside of Madrid, and that I had a hard time propping up in a documentary sense, and here there were all those ingredients with which I wanted to make a narrative and explore the feelings of these characters.

We thought there were public servants and what we have in politics is more uncertainty, more chaos, and anger and insult that are not very edifying.

A.- Well, it was obviously something considered, but not something deliberate. The character of Father Mauro, the priest, actually exemplifies the married man as a whole. In principle, there is nothing more solid than the marriage of a man with his priesthood, with his vocation … But then I realized that all married men who discover passion in the body of a woman other than their own suffer, and they suffer the same contradictions, the same comings and goings, and the same suffering for not being able to live that love fully and freely.

dating rules for men: Your 15 Elements An individual Have to By no means Accomplish

November 24, 2020

Thus, throughout evolutionary history, a woman’s reproductive fitness depended on the success of each individual offspring to a greater extent than that of a man. As a result (or collectively), women developed stronger motivations to pay attention to the details of childcare and may feel pressured to accept more responsibility for childcare and household chores when others, such as teachers and child care workers, or extended relatives, who may or may not otherwise help.

Evolutionary reasoning predicts that women will leave the workplace or sacrifice their productivity more than men. This could result in a large-scale regression to “traditional” gender norms. With the loss of their own economic autonomy, many women will come to depend on their male partners as breadwinners, exacerbating the structural problems underlying gender inequality. This may shift families towards traditional gender structures and conceptions, a shift towards social conservatism, which could have consequences on attitudes about premarital and extramarital sex.

Women and men in traditional families prefer norms that trigger moral judgments that can isolate those family structures, including negative attitudes about promiscuity. One consequence of the pandemic, therefore, could be a reduction in tolerance on a variety of topics, including non-monogamous mating arrangements, legal abortion, and sexual minority rights, which violate traditional gender roles and they are also stereotyped as promiscuous.

The looming recession will increase competition among women for access to desirable partners (see Insight 4: The mating landscape is changing and there will be economic consequences from declining birth rates). There will also be increased competition among men as they strive to secure increasingly rare positions of status and wealth. These changes could contribute to gender norms that emphasize attractiveness for women and competition for status for men. For example, in cities and countries with higher economic inequality, women self-sexualize more in social media posts. For men, economic inequality at both the cross-cultural and neighborhood levels is associated with higher homicide rates among men, which appears to be driven by men’s concerns for social status rather than a purely instrumental need to survive.

Participants in a US online survey completed in January 2020 (before the US outbreak) and then in March / April 2020 showed modest upward shifts in traditional gender stereotypes and endorsement of traditional gender roles, according to gender norms that change in response to COVID-19.

Taken together, these forces produced by the pandemic are likely to lead to a setback in women’s economic independence.

However, the pandemic may have some positive effects on gender equality. The acceptability of teleworking could allow women to continue working when they would have previously left the workforce to care for young children. Also, if there are more mothers and fathers at home during work hours, the uneven housework could become more obvious and fixable. Whether the pandemic is beneficial or harmful to men and women is still unknown, but evolutionary thinking provides important information on where to look and what questions to ask.

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November 23, 2020

Companies obliged to present a non-abbreviated profit and loss account shall endeavor to include in their Board of Directors a number of women that allows achieving a balanced presence of women and men within eight years from the entry into force of this Law.

The provisions of the preceding paragraph will be taken into account for the appointments made as the term of the directors appointed before the entry into force of this Law expires.

The Interministerial Commission for Equality between women and men is the collegiate body responsible for coordinating the policies and measures adopted by the ministerial departments in order to guarantee the right to equality between women and men and promote their effectiveness.

In all the Ministries, one of its governing bodies will be entrusted with the development of functions related to the principle of equality between women and men in the field of matters within its competence and, in particular, the following:

a) Collect the statistical information prepared by the bodies of the Ministry and advise them in relation to its preparation.

b) Prepare studies in order to promote equality between women and men in the areas of activity of the Department.

c) Advise the competent bodies of the Department in the preparation of the report on impact due to gender.

d) Promote knowledge by the Department staff of the scope and meaning of the principle of equality by formulating proposals for training actions.

e) Ensure compliance with this Law and the effective application of the principle of equality.

1. The Women’s Participation Council is created, as a collegiate body for consultation and advice, with the essential purpose of serving as a channel for the participation of women in the effective achievement of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men. men, and the fight against discrimination based on sex.

2. By regulation, its operating regime, powers and composition will be established, guaranteeing, in any case, the participation of all public administrations and associations and organizations of women at the state level.

For the purposes of this Law, a balanced composition shall be understood as the presence of women and men in such a way that, in the group referred to, the persons of each sex do not exceed sixty percent nor are less than forty percent.

The Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, of the General Electoral Regime is modified, in the following terms:

1. The candidatures that are presented for the elections of deputies to Congress, municipal and of members of the island councils and of the Canary Island councils in the terms provided in this Law, deputies to the European Parliament and members of the Legislative Assemblies of the Communities Autonomous must have a balanced composition of women and men, so that in the list as a whole the candidates of each of the sexes account for at least forty percent. C

dating rules for men: The actual 15 Items People Should In no way Carry out

November 23, 2020

c) That of workers after they have returned to work at the end of the periods of suspension of the contract for maternity, adoption or foster care or paternity, provided that no more than nine months have elapsed since the date of birth, adoption or foster care of the child.

The provisions of the previous letters will be applicable, unless, in those cases, the origin of the termination decision is declared for reasons not related to pregnancy or the exercise of the right to leave and leave indicated. “

Thirteen. Letter g) of section 2 of article 54 is modified, being drafted in the following terms:

“G) Harassment on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or convictions, disability, age or sexual orientation and sexual harassment or on grounds of sex of the employer or the people who work in the company.”

“Dismissal based on any of the causes of discrimination prohibited in the Constitution or in the Law, or that occurs in violation of fundamental rights and public freedoms of the worker, will be null and void.

a) That of workers during the period of suspension of the labor contract for maternity, risk during pregnancy, risk during natural lactation, diseases caused by pregnancy, childbirth or natural lactation, adoption or foster care or paternity referred to in the letter d) of paragraph 1 of article 45, or notified on a date such that the period of notice granted ends within said period.

b) That of pregnant workers, from the date of onset of pregnancy to the beginning of the period of suspension referred to in letter a), and that of workers who have requested one of the permits referred to in the sections 4, 4 bis and 5 of article 37, or are enjoying them, or have requested or are enjoying the leave of absence provided for in paragraph 3 of article 46; and that of female workers who are victims of gender-based violence due to the exercise of the rights to reduce or rearrange their working time, geographical mobility, change of workplace or suspension of the employment relationship, under the recognized terms and conditions. in this Law.

c) That of the workers after having returned to work at the end of the suspension periods of the contract for maternity, adoption or foster care or paternity, provided that no more than nine months have elapsed from the date of birth, adoption or foster care of the child.

does online dating work? Of course, If Anyone Carry out That Right

October 23, 2020

This is also why the Eit Urban Mobility Accelerator Covid-19 program was born, for startups on new mobility

It is called ‘The Art and Industry of Narration’. It is the new master’s degree course that the Catholic University inaugurates in October, to train future narrators of literature, cinema and TV

From Rimini to Salento (98% full), without forgetting the Alps: also in the year Covid in Italy for Ferragosto Enit records the ‘almost sold out’, with online bookings sold at 79% of the capacity

And while tourism picks up, 8 new episodes of ‘Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel’ arrive on Sky on 1 September, a challenge among the best Italian hoteliers

The Milanese weeks are back on the calendar. After the Movie Week in September, in November (16-22) there will be the Milan Music Week, with discussion sessions on the crisis in the sector and how to relaunch

HealthyFood, which is responsible for the ‘food identity card’ used today by 51 thousand people, has verified an increasing attention to the quality of food, with 43% of members having a food problem

For a peaceful return to school for the little ones, the Borinato Security company offers stations in the shape of a bear to measure the temperature and boy scouts who ‘play’ disinfecting their hands with children

Personalized with ‘The restart 2020’: the union of the 100 restaurants of the Good Memory thus celebrates – with hand-decorated dishes to give to customers – the reopening of its one hundred restaurants

A festival ‘in the name of mountains’. In the year in which the mountains become a favorite summer destination, the Trento Film Festival will present a program broadcast in many locations, live and streaming from 27-8

Another film festival starts in Montone (Pg) on ​​5-8. Special event ‘Drawings 2020’, a film made illustrating the dreams of school children for the post lockdown

The World & Pleasure magazine reports the intervention of the start up Sensorwoks on the health of our bridges and the need for ‘dynamic monitoring’, because heat waves put infrastructures at risk

City tour on foot or by bicycle, calendar of events, thematic routes: CityAround is a free app designed by Electronic Panoramas to get to know Turin and visit it in total safety

Tonight at 8 pm, at the Madre Museum in Naples, the Milanesiana inaugurates the photographic exhibition by Carlo Verdone, entitled ‘Clouds and colors’

The OMaR Award of the Rare Diseases Observatory is an acknowledgment to those who communicated best (in 2020) in this delicate sector, with articles, videos, comics, photos … Registration open until 3-1

These days, in Tokyo, the Olympics were to be held. In the absence of the Games, actor Daniele Monterosi dedicates 3 minutes on his social networks to strange stories of Olympic athletes, with ‘Daniele tells’

Vintage shops have been growing for some time (in the last 5 years: + 33%), and they are all the more destined to do so in a period of crisis. The Vidra portal thus offers some advice for those who want to open a second hand shop

The 2020 theme, appropriate for such a particular year, is ‘Metamorphosis’. The Food & Science Festival (Mantua, October 2-4) declines it by talking about climate change, major epidemics, genetics …

Other ‘Metamorphoses’: this is the title of a line of sweatshirts and caps that combines the world of music with the motorcycle world of VR / 46 Racing Apparel, like Joseph Capriati’s latest album.

Zoom wallpaper designer? Esports Coach? There are jobs that no one had imagined until a few years ago. Fiverr has compiled the list of the most popular digital professions today

Starting from a code of ethics. This is the goal of Nameless, an electronic music festival postponed to 2021 due to Covid but determined to start over, paying great attention to the territory and new projects

5 musicians with disabilities and 4 tutors make up the InBand, which – although it was not able to meet during the lockdown – prepared a new arrangement of ‘Lost in Singapore’ with Tropea, which now presents

Starting whistle on 3-10 in Milan, and then in 13 other cities.

does online dating work? Yes, In case An individual Carry out Them Right

October 23, 2020

The situation is a little different abroad, especially in the States, where the site is much more widespread. The average age is around 30, perhaps something more, with a balanced number of young people under 25, and men and women over 40.

A sore point given by the number of fake: not as exorbitant as in other dating sites that we will see shortly, but not as negligible as in Tinder.

During our tests we met several of them, although it should be noted that within a few days they were canceled by the administration.

DYNAMIC: The ability to browse via PC makes long conversations certainly possible and easier than on Tinder. The numerous questions we are asked also offer various starting points for conversation, for those who want to be sure they know a person well before meeting them.

If long correspondence or interminable night chats are bread for your teeth, you will certainly be happy.

And if aesthetics are not your strong point, the possibility of contacting another person even without having received a like will give you a chance to hit them with your wit!

If traditional dating sites jump through hoops to have as many users as possible, The Inner Circle goes against the tide and proposes itself as an exclusive site, accessible only to a select few, reserved for high-level meetings between high-level people.

The selection criteria are not particularly clear: some people, at least until recently, complained about endless queues and very long waiting lists … many never received an answer (which I suppose was equivalent to a denial).

I wanted to give it a try, and they accepted me within about 24 hours. Perhaps having a credible public Facebook profile helped: it is in fact mandatory to have an FB or LinkedIn account to register, and in theory proving one’s social status with them is one of the selection criteria … then in practice I don’t know if it is how much they really stalk you.

Once inside I found a functional site but a bit old-fashioned, the lack of an app for Android (there is only for iOS), a number of female profiles that are not excellent, but still better than I expected, and quite low costs.

I don’t know what the selection criteria are for men (with my male profile I can only see girls), but I can say that women don’t seem to have all this exclusivity.

Or rather, it seems to me that the quality is actually medium-high, but there are also girls who are not exactly beautiful (I’m a diplomat).

I therefore imagine that this level is the effect not so much of a selection by the staff, as of an a priori self-selection: if a girl does not feel beautiful, she does not try to register in order not to receive a “no”.

Overall, a nice site: few fakes, a more controlled environment, and low costs if you want to give it a try … I got a chat and some instagram contacts, so that’s fine.

Gledeen is a site aimed at a narrow niche (restricted ??) of people: traitors, or aspiring ones.

A site for cheating wannabes \ and where to find an escapade or a stable lover to escape the monotony of marriage.

Like all niche things, Gleeden costs a lot: this is its main drawback, ethical and moral issues aside (but if you’re still reading, you probably don’t have any such problems).

If you are not interested in vile money, Gleeden is a site that repays your “investment” with a select community, discreet, and relatively free of fake thanks to the work of the staff.

Lovepedia was born from a commendable idea, that is, not to offer unequal treatment between paying users and free users, living only on advertising.

Exactly, there are no premium accounts or paid services that create disparity between users, but the result is quite… grotesque.

does online dating work? Yes, In case People Do It Suitable

October 22, 2020

Here it would not seem so much the scam site (soon I will try to cancel and we will see this 100%) but all the profiles present do. Or rather they sell their “goods” all professionals or cam girls and in fact no serious matches. So I don’t recommend it …… .no Grail !!!!

Hi Legolas, in my opinion a woman in the age range you want and looking for casual relationships, in my opinion, would sign up either on Tinder or on Badoo.

If we broaden the population to “women who sign up for a dating site to find a stable mate but wouldn’t hold back in the face of an occasional relationship with the right man”, then we could also include Meetic.

And yes, the advice of a friend or hearsay would be the main channels … it is certainly very rare for a woman to google for “sites for casual encounters”. Virtually impossible, indeed.

As for sex & loveitalia, I don’t know what makes you think it’s serious, but I’d stay away 😉

No No I’m not saying that sex & loveitalia is a serious site on the contrary, I meant, and perhaps I explained myself wrongly, that the site itself has a fixed monthly cost and everything ends there. It is the “fauna” present that tries to make money by trying to get you out of the site immediately to land you on other spenno sites.

fuck friends the one originating from ri morchiando is a real frigatra ,, in six months I had contact with everything to some declared bisexuals I sent her photos of a friend (ver bisex, young and beautiful asssatanata) and to hear me say why you send me photos of yours friend ? So you answer, you say you are bisexual and a swinger who loves threesomes and exchanges, what do you do the schoolgirl for someone who is crunching in front of you?

I found photos that were 25 years ago on x hamaster ,, or on over 40. I wrote to the site admin pointing out that the photos attributed to Presunte Francy, Milanese, separated and looking for a fuck and go, are fake. reported photos of the same woman who is presented in two distinct regions with different names and different profiles… but same images

In six months he never managed to go beyond the endless exchange of letters … letters that have response rates in the most exciting cases of three or four days or a week … There is even worse … there is a site that asking the closing of the profile wants the signature authenticated even if you give up the money already paid with pay pal which requires you to fill in absurd forms .. and which disguises the information in a pretext way to get out. GLEEDEN but also singles50 … There is no photo published where a detail can be contextualized .. a sign a sign … a panorama .. doors and furniture are easily recognizable not in the Italian style especially the white mirrored doors .. or the wooden stairways to connect the two areas of the house … swimming pools and blooms … I underline the large stock of photos taken from Austria upwards and from Austria to the east … .. You should especially see the Sardines and the Apulians in which environmental situations they are photographed … with what hair cuts… ..Six months of pissing off for a fee make you quality hounds… Stay away .. if no delay!

You didn’t consider Once, however. With the latter (without paying a cent) I met three or four women and with one I went out for three months, with another six months.

It’s like Coffee (which I hear from you now for the first time). One proposal a day. If there is a match, you are put in chat.

The sore point is that, in my case, I am offered women who are too distant.

does online dating work? Sure, In the event You Conduct The idea Appropriate

October 21, 2020

I repeat: considering that the timetable would not allow us to do the same thing with regard to “13”, it would seem difficult to me objectively, I propose to examine “14” and resume work tomorrow morning with the discussion on article 13 and its amendments.

PRESIDENT. Since we have already suspended a whole series of articles, now we go on as long as we can go on, let’s see if we can finish article 13, inviting all colleagues to limit the interventions if anything.

Since not all of us have the luck of first-hand information, sometimes not even second-hand, I would like to know if a closing time has been set, if it has not been set, if you go to the bitter end, or if you stay until hours. 22.

1. In order to favor the return to the family and community of belonging of people currently placed in residential structures of a social and / or health nature, to overcome institutionalization and to promote the permanence in their own home, the expenditure of 5,000,000 euros is authorized for each of the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 for the realization of a three-year experimental program called “Return home”. The Regional Council, within sixty days from the approval of this law, prepares, after consulting the local authorities, voluntary organizations, social cooperation and social promotion, the guidelines for the implementation of the experimental program which indicate the conditions of the beneficiaries to whom the program is primarily addressed, the methods and times for preparing the plans, the conditions for eligibility for funding, the systems for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions (UPB S12.076).

2. In order to favor paths aimed at the social inclusion of young people discharged from residential structures who must complete the transition phase towards full autonomy and social integration or complete the school or training course, it is authorized, for the financing of an experimental program , the expenditure of 1,500,000 euros for each of the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. The program promotes accompanying and support interventions for young people still in difficulty through the allocation of portfolios for social inclusion to be paid, through the municipalities, following a customized project shared with a formal act by the local authority, the recipient of the intervention and the portfolio manager. This experimental program is extended to people included in a therapeutic-rehabilitation program conducted at the drug addiction services of the local health authorities or who have completed a program at the residential and semi-residential facilities for regularly accredited drug addiction. The Regional Council, within sixty days of the approval of this law, prepares, after consulting the local authorities, voluntary organizations, social cooperation and social promotion, the guidelines to regulate the assignment, use and reporting of wallets (UPB S12.076).

3. In order to guarantee the requalification and coordination of public and private services aimed at preventing the phenomenon of addictions and assisting people with substance addictions or behavioral addictions, the expenditure of € 600,000 for the year 2006 is authorized and Euro 1,000,000 for each of the years 2007 and 2008. Within ninety days from the entry into force of this law, the Regional Council prepares a plan for addictions, also providing for coordination units for addiction services (UPB S12.077) .

4. In order to favor the permanence of partially or totally non self-sufficient people in their homes, support their families and encourage the emergence of those who offer assistance from precarious and irregular work, the expenditure of 700,000 euros for the year 2006 is authorized. and € 1,000,000 for the year 2007. Within ninety days from the entry into force of this law, the Regional Council, with its own resolution, approves the relative program (UPB S12.