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September 19, 2020 without an identifier. These are the dgfip files, separated by year and by department or municipality (municipality code). They are called “geolocated” because geolocation columns have been added, and cadastral parcel identifiers “updated”. This is the version that is used for the app.dvf application.

Thank you very much your answer is … almost perfect you just had to add the link

A small detail I don’t know if this is explained in the doc but for opening the file the accents (of the names of towns) are only readable with unicode utf-8.

The link I copied for you above is a permanent link, independent of the name of the page. Regarding the encoding, this is utf-8, with a comma separator. We have kept the original format. To change this, you have to open the file in an editor, for example notepad ++, convert to Latin 1, save.

I am the spokesperson for the small communities in my department who have no computer training or specialty in this area (no more than me) so normal people, most often a (a) secretary of town hall who works part time in 2 or 3 towns.

If you go directly to you come across a national DVF file “impossible to download because it is too heavy” or impossible to open.

So the goal for me is to give a link to the communities of my department which is directly accessible without additional research otherwise they will not go and I will have to proceed with an authorization of these communities (in our DGFiP MADHRAS application) and then their own file will be sent to them (then of course they will struggle to open it and I will be asked to help them…).

I am talking about local authorities who want to have easy access to their data, which have free office (sometimes) of excell (sometimes) and that on an office computer.

The goal is for everyone to be happy and to waste as little time as possible (especially me for being a little selfish).

Can you give me a link “independent of the page naming” better and more “definitive” than which allows communities to have direct access to data at least at departmental level.

I would like to be able to send this link to 313 municipalities (and 9 EPCIs) in my department.

No response to my dvf 2019 data download request. Is there an explanation?

I would like to ask whether you have a more granular breakdown relative to the category “Local industrial. commercial or the like ”.

The page is displayed, lines are visible … but the download does not end …

After a while the page becomes blank again, attempts to refresh do nothing …

Many thanks for the hard work in keeping this database up to date.

How to interpret a lot number equal to zero? When the sale of an apartment only includes the apartment without cellar or outbuilding, the number of lots is either 1 or 0. How to interpret the number of lots equal to zero? Is it to clean and set to 1?

I would like to know if the data update and the publication of the first half of 2020 is maintained for the month of April?

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like it! The April 16 deadline has passed.

The publication has taken place. You will find in the file “Real estate values ​​2019” transactions going up to 12/31/2019 (H2 2019).

I wanted to check the sales of apartments in a specific building, but I always come across the cadastral zone. How can I consult the apartment selling prices? Thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day

If data relating to a sale is available (there is sometimes a delay in data feedback … or processing errors on our part), the plot on which the property is located is colored pink. Otherwise in blue. You can click on the pink plots, a menu on the right unfolds with the dates, areas, prices and types of property.

I would like to know if there is a file allowing to know the owners of the various establishments proposed in this document?

Hello, this file is not available to the public. On the other hand, you can request this information from the town hall on which the property that interests you depends. cordially

Hello Sir, you will find information on the geographical scope in the document: .pdf (link on this page). cordially

do we have to wait for the next update in april to have all the 2018 data?

I would need the 2005-2010 DVFs on my department, who can I contact?

First of all, thank you very much for the work of your entire team on the base.

We were able to download the txt file “Valeurs Foncières 2018” without any worries last April. However, today I cannot download it. When I hit download it directly opens the URL with all the lines of text loading endlessly.

Would you have the possibility to join me by mail or other the txt file?

Once the tab is open, right clicking then save works. No need to wait for a download to complete. If in doubt, look at the weight of the downloaded file vs that displayed on the page. cordially

Discussion between the organization and the community about this dataset.

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September 19, 2020

Thanks to this law, the withdrawal period has been extended from 7 to 14 days. It introduced the use of a standard form that can be used by consumers to exercise their right of withdrawal. This form must be made available to consumers online or sent to them before the contract is concluded. If a consumer exercises this right, the business must reimburse the consumer for all amounts paid, including delivery costs, within a period of 14 calendar days.

In addition, the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (“RGPD”) and the Data Protection Act, as well as its implementing decree n ° 2005-1309, regulate the launch of any market or online fashion store, in France. This is because e-commerce stores must have a privacy policy for personal data, a cookie policy and general conditions of use for their e-commerce site, as well as general conditions of sale on their site. -commerce, in place, which all comply with the RGPD and the Data Protection Act. These online markets must also appoint an IT and freedom correspondent, to ensure that they are in compliance with this regulatory framework for the protection of personal data, and so that the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (the ‘CNIL’, which is the French data protection authority) has a point of contact within the French online fashion market or store.

Regarding the cookie policy, e-commerce stores must comply with the directives on cookies and other tracking devices published by the CNIL in July 2019.

9 | How does e-commerce impact the supply and distribution agreements (or other contractual agreements) of retail resellers in your jurisdiction?

As explained in our answer to question 4, luxury and fashion brands (manufacturers, suppliers) cannot prohibit their distributors from selling their products online, through e-commerce, since this prohibition would be a violation of competition law under Article 101 of the TFEU, categorized as an anti-competitive restriction.

However, luxury and fashion brands may impose certain criteria and conditions on their distributors so that they are able to sell their products online, to preserve the aura of luxury and prestige of their products sold online, via the clauses of their distribution agreements.

10 | What special considerations would you take into account when drafting online terms and conditions for consumers when launching an e-commerce site in your jurisdiction?

As explained in our answer to question 8, these terms and conditions for consumers of an e-commerce site must be in compliance with the GDPR, the Data Protection Act, and the directives on cookies and other devices. CNIL tracing.

respect for privacy by design, which means that fashion and luxury companies must take a proactive and preventive approach in relation to the protection of privacy and personal data;

accountability, which means that the data controller, such as an e-commerce site, as well as its sub-contractors (data processors), must take legal, organizational and appropriate techniques allowing them to comply with the GDPR.

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September 19, 2020

The municipalities of Seine-Maritime and Hauts-de-France affected by the plume will have to be subject to long-term sampling. The monitoring prescribed for both operators includes:

The two operators will be able to pool their research, samples, analyzes and reports. The monitoring subjects justifying a common approach, based on knowledge and a joint analysis of the cumulative effects of the fires on the two sites, are the subject of coordination between the two operators, at their initiative, and joint proposals to the prefect. But their responsibilities, including on these matters of coordination on cumulative effects, remain full and entire.

> Emergency measures regulations for the company Lubrizol – format: PDF – 1.18 Mb

> Decree amending the decree of October 14, 2019 imposing emergency measures prescriptions on Lurbizol – format: PDF – 0.58 Mb

> Prescriptions for emergency measures at Normandie Logistique – format: PDF – 1.14 Mb

> Decree amending the decree of October 14, 2019 imposing emergency measures prescriptions on NL Logistique – format: PDF – 1.22 Mb

> Appendices to the decree of emergency measures prescriptions for the company Normandie Logistique – format: PDF – 3.70 Mb

> Appendices to the order on emergency measures prescriptions for the company Lubrizol – format: PDF – 4.61 Mb

Considering the opinion of the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) issued this Monday, October 14, 2019 on the milk analyzes of post-accident samples related to the fire in the he Lubrizol factory, the prefect of the Normandy region, prefect of Seine-Maritime, today signed an order lifting the health restriction on the marketing of milk and dairy products, a precautionary measure taken by order on Saturday, September 28 2019.

All restrictions on milk, dairy products and animal access to pasture have been lifted.

This is an important decision for the profession and for consumers, as these products can be marketed and consumed safely.

> 14-10-2019- Arrete-levant restriction on milk – dairy products – access to animal pastures – format: PDF – 0.15 Mb

Opinion of the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) of October 14, 2019: expertise excluding risk assessment on milk analyzes of post-accident samples related to the fire in the Lubrizol plant in Seine-Maritime

> ANSES notice – October 14, 2019 – format: PDF – 1.07 Mb

> tonnage of products stored at Normandie Logistique which have burned (in tonnes) – format: XLS – 0.03 Mb

> details of Lubrizol products stored at NL which have burned – format: XLS – 0.03 Mb

> safety data sheets for products burnt exclusively at Normandie Logistique – format: ZIP – 16.05 Mb

Complement to the INERIS analysis of October 4, following the October 2 referral:


Following the fire at the Lubrizol factory on Thursday, September 26, actors from the victim support network worked together on intervention methods to serve the population.

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September 19, 2020

This is data that anyone can access and that everyone can use and share. Governments, businesses and individuals can use open data to create social, economic and environmental benefits.

ODI trainer Dr. David Tarrant explains what is meant by data, what makes it open and why open data is needed.

To activate French subtitles, please click on the button marked “cc” at the bottom right of the video and then select French.

This is data that anyone can access and that everyone can use and share.

The data can be used because they are available in a common, machine-readable form.

Open data must be licensed. This license must allow free use and allow users to transform, combine and share this data, even for commercial purposes.

Without data, we cannot create information. And without information, there is no new knowledge possible.

Data is the lowest level of raw material from which knowledge can be derived.

Imagine data such as all the locations, images, descriptions, reviews and prices that are the information you need to plan your vacation.

Data is open if anyone can access, use and share it.

Open data has the power to produce diverse benefits for governments, businesses and civil society.

Open data allows greater transparency for governments. It can help prove that public funds are spent wisely and that policies are well implemented.

For example, according to open government activist David Eaves, open data saved Canadian citizens $ 3.2 billion in fraudulent donations to charities in 2010.

Based on the GDP projections of the 28 member states, and taking into account the average government spending within each country, cost reductions by country can be calculated. For the 28 in 2020, the overall cost reduction is thus projected at around 1.7 billion euros.

Lexbase is an online service that provides public information from courts and other Swedish authorities. On the site, judgments in criminal and civil cases involving individuals or companies can be found. The database is updated daily with new judgments and decisions. The site is used to provide citizens with information regarding crime in different areas, such as their neighborhood.

Another example, in Nigeria this time, where according to Follow the Money, the same process ensures that public funds are indeed used to implement the policies promised to the people.

There are four useful things to consider when thinking about opening up your data to users. Can you remember it?

Open data, or “open data”, is data that anyone can access and that anyone can use and share.

Open data is a raw material for the digital age, but unlike charcoal, wood or diamonds, it can be used by anyone, anytime.

Any limitation placed on the free use of open data will limit its potential for use.

Open data can transform the interaction between governments, businesses and individuals. It has the potential to improve services, contribute to economic growth and save our planet.

In the next module, we will see how open data can generate value.

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September 18, 2020

The tables of results of analyzes carried out between September 26 and October 1 are available on the websites of the Seine-Maritime prefecture ( and of the ARS of Normandy (www.normandie

Water quality monitoring continues. The results of the analyzes will be communicated regularly.

> 2019 10 04 catchment maps analyzed – format: PDF – 0.30 Mb

Following the fire within the Lubrizol company on Thursday September 26, the psychological reception center set up by ARS Normandy and the Seine-Maritime prefecture is maintained until Friday October 18 at Charlotte Delbo municipal center (rue Roger Besus in Rouen).

This psychological welcome, without an appointment and free, is open to people who so wish to deal with their concerns and stress following the event:

In the event of a medical problem, contact your attending physician. In the evening (from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and at weekends, call 116117. We remind you that the 15th and 18th are reserved for vital emergencies.

On Thursday, September 26, a fire broke out around 2:40 a.m. within the Lubrizol company, quai de France in Rouen. This company is classified SEVESO high threshold. In particular, it produces additives for lubricants.

The prefect of Seine-Maritime held press conferences on Wednesday 02 and Thursday 03 October.

The industrial fire has been extinguished since Thursday, September 26 at 3 p.m. following an intervention by firefighters. The extinguishing of the fire and all of the hot spots stopped the emission of the smoke plume from the hearth.

The reduction of the strong odors which always emanate from the site, as well as the health safety of the population, are the priority actions of the public authorities.

The prefecture has required LUBRIZOL to act to reduce these odors at source, which bother the population:

The results of the asbestos analysis are published on the prefecture’s website. As a reminder, the results of samples taken within a radius of 300 meters in the air revealed only fiber concentrations of less than 3 fibers per liter of air. The search for asbestos in buildings is carried out within the framework of regulations setting the threshold at 5 fibers per liter of air.

As a precaution, a campaign of additional samples on asbestos fibers within a radius of 800 meters was initiated today.

On the other hand, fragments of the fiber cement roof impacted by the disaster can be found around the site and sometimes at a distance from the site. These fragments must be removed by specialized companies. The instruction given to local residents identifying a fragment of fiber cement roof on their property is not to handle it. They have the possibility, via the national toll-free number 0800 009 785, to benefit from the services of a company specializing in the recovery of this waste.

The cost and implementation of disposal operations will be fully covered by LUBRIZOL

INERIS has transmitted the first results of dioxin measurements (further results are expected at the end of the week, following samples taken by Bureau Veritas). The samples were taken by wipes in the city of Rouen, quite close to the site, on September 26.

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September 18, 2020

The Crit’Air air quality certificate is a secure sticker, to be affixed to the vehicle’s pre-screen. It indicates its environmental class. Find out how to order it.

As of August 2, 2020, 17,102,504 air quality certificates have been ordered.

There are 6 classes of certificates. The air quality certificate helps to promote the least polluting vehicles:

The air quality certificate is compulsory to travel in low-emission mobility zones established in certain territories (Grenoble, Lyon and the surrounding municipalities, Paris and part of the Greater Paris metropolis) or to travel when the prefect establishes differentiated circulation during certain episodes of pollution.

Road transport is one of the major sources of air pollution, especially in built-up areas. The air quality certificate allows the State or local authorities to adjust the devices applicable to vehicles, in particular traffic and parking conditions, in order to promote the use of less polluting vehicles and reduce pollution. atmosphere and its impacts on the health of the population.

The vehicles are divided into 6 environmental classes, with the exception of the most polluting vehicles, which are unclassified and are not entitled to the air quality certificate.

The classification depends on the type of vehicle (passenger cars, two-wheelers, tricycles and quadricycles, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles including buses and coaches), its engine and the European standard of polluting emissions that it meets, called ” Euro standard ”. A specific class is reserved for “zero engine emission” electric vehicles.

The classification of vehicles is defined by the decree of June 21, 2016 establishing the nomenclature of vehicles classified according to their level of atmospheric pollutant emission in application of Article R. 318-2 of the Highway Code.

The vehicle classification is valid for the entire life of the vehicle.

The air quality certificate is a sticker to be affixed to the vehicle, benefiting from physical and digital security.

The price of the certificate is used only to cover the costs of the service which issues it, that is to say the development, maintenance and operation of the service, as well as the costs of development, manufacture, delivery and monitoring certificate requests.

It is not a tax and there is no revenue for the state budget. The price of postage is suitable for shipments outside France or in the case of packaging. It is indicated during your order.

The price for the issuance of the air quality certificate is set by the order of June 29, 2016, amended by the order of February 14, 2018.

Please note: websites without any link with the Ministry of Ecological Transition act as intermediaries and offer the Crit’Air sticker at a price much higher than the actual price.

Once the request has been made, the applicant receives a receipt by e-mail attesting to the category of his certificate, while waiting to receive his certificate by post.

The air quality certificate is mandatory for driving in low-emission mobility zones set up by local authorities, or during periods of peak air pollution giving rise to traffic restrictions based on the quality certificate of the air.

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September 18, 2020

On October 14, the restriction measures on milk and dairy products were lifted, in light of an initial opinion from ANSES. On October 18, restrictions on honey, eggs, farmed fish and plant products are lifted.

The ANSES opinion issued today covers 502 analysis results on products subject to restriction which were sampled between September 28 and October 10, in sentinel operations in the 5 departments and chosen on the basis of risk exposure criteria.

The ANSES opinion confirms that the results of these 502 samples are compliant in their consumed form and present results below the regulatory values, with the exception of 4 samples of vegetables taken from the Somme (2 endives, 1 beet and 1 core) have lead levels greater than their respective maximum regulatory content. However, these collected vegetables do not correspond to directly edible forms, because they are unwashed and unpeeled. Thus, the carrot once washed has normal contents.

In addition, the 29 other vegetable samples, carried out in the other departments including Seine Maritime, are compliant. The link with the fire is therefore not proven and these abnormal values ​​may be linked with other sources of contamination (natural, entropy, historical). Investigations are being launched in this direction locally.

Beyond that, the results obtained on eggs, corn silage, grass / hay / alfalfa and grain corn show concentrations greater than the background noise conventionally found in the monitoring and control plans carried out each year by the DGAl, while remaining below regulatory thresholds.

These results confirm the importance of maintaining close surveillance as mentioned above for milk, in order to ensure long-term surveillance from now on, complementing the surveillance and control plans already in existence at the national level. This monitoring will make it possible to verify whether these results, below regulatory values, are maintained over time without any sign of increase.

In view of these elements, the DGAL is today asking the Prefects of the 5 departments concerned to lift the prefectural decrees. All marketing restrictions on agricultural production have been lifted.

ANSES will make additional recommendations in the coming weeks to adjust this reinforced long-term surveillance of agricultural production, which is part of a broader perspective of environmental and health surveillance.

> Prefectural decree of 18-10-2019 relating to health restrictions on the marketing of food products of animal and vegetable origin … – format: PDF – 0.56 Mb

In particular, an area of ​​damaged barrels along rue de Madagascar should be treated.

This operation will take place as follows: temporary containment equipment of 1000 m2 in air depression completely covers the area of ​​the drums. The air captured in this structure is subject to odor treatment.

The technical process put in place is based on 3 safety barriers: a first waterproof envelope, a second envelope inside, acting as an airlock and internal and external misters to neutralize any odors.

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September 18, 2020

Different legal codes have specific rules governing advertising and marketing communications in France, such as: the Consumer Code, which prohibits false and misleading advertising and regulates comparative advertising; or Article 9 of the Civil Code, which protects images and respect for the privacy of individuals.

In addition, there are industry codes of practice, written by the French Advertising Self-Regulatory Agency (‘ARPP’), which represents advertisers, agencies and the media. These codes of practice set out the expected ethical standards and ensure the proper implementation of these standards, through advice and pre-authorization, including providing mandatory advice before the broadcast of any television advertising.

The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (“DGCCRF”) has investigative powers in relation to all matters relating to consumer protection, including advertising and marketing practices.

DGCCRF agents are authorized to enter the professional offices of the advertiser, the advertising agency or the communication agency during working hours to request an immediate review of the documents, to take copies of these documents, and ask questions.

The ARPP works with an independent jury that deals with complaints about advertisements that violate ARPP standards. Its decisions are published on its website.

If there is a data leak during a marketing campaign, the CNIL, the French APDP, can fine the guilty data controller (such as an advertiser or an agency) up to 20 million Euros, or 4% of their total annual turnover, whichever is the greater.

22 | What specific rules and regulations govern online marketing activities and how are these rules enforced?

Online marketing activities are regulated in the same way as activities conducted in the ‘real world’, in accordance with the law on the digital economy dated June 21, 2004. However, more specifically for the online world, the Digital Economy Law states that pop-ups, banner ads, and all other types of online advertising must be clearly identified as such, and therefore distinguished from non-commercial information.

Article L121-4-11 of the Consumer Code provides that an advertiser who pays for content in the media, in order to promote its products or services, must clearly state that this content is an advertisement, by images or sounds clearly identifiable by consumers. Otherwise, it is misleading advertising or an act of unfair competition.

The ARPP has issued a standard relating to digital advertising and communications, carried out by influencers, as part of ‘native advertising’, etc. emphasizing that all these online communications and advertising should be clearly distinguishable, in as such, by consumers.

23 | What product safety rules and standards apply to luxury and fashion goods?

The law of 19 May 1998, which is now set out in articles 1245 et seq. Of the Civil Code, transposes EU directive 85/374 / EEC on liability for defective products, in France.

Along with this strict civil liability for defective products, there is criminal liability for defective products based on deception, involuntary assault and battery, manslaughter or endangering the life of others.

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September 18, 2020

The vigilance plan, as well as the minutes relating to its implementation, must be made available to the public.

The law on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies provides for strict binding mechanisms. Anyone with a demonstrated interest can request that a company comply with due diligence requirements (i.e. create and implement a vigilance plan) and, if the company fails to meet its compliance obligations. compliance, a jurisdiction can sanction it with a fine of up to 10 million Euros, depending on the severity of the breach and other circumstances. In addition, if the activities of the French company – or the activities of legal entities forming part of its logistics chain – cause damage that could have been avoided by the implementation of the vigilance plan, the size of the fine can be tripled (up to 30 million Euros), depending on the severity, the circumstances of the breach and the damage caused, and the company can be ordered to pay damages to the victims.

7 | What laws relating to occupational health and safety should fashion companies be aware of, through their supply chains?

As mentioned in our responses to the questions set out in sub-paragraphs 2.2. and 2.4. above, the law on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies, dated March 27, 2017 (inserted in Article L225-102-4 of the Commercial Code) constitutes the legal framework ‘applies in relation to health and safety at work, through their logistics chains, for fashion and luxury brands in France.

In addition, the main regulations concerning health and safety at work in France are set out in Part IV of the Labor Code, entitled “Health and Safety at Work”. The legislation on health and safety at work is reinforced by other parts of the Labor Code (i.e. legislation on working time, daily recovery time, respect for fundamental freedoms, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, good faith performance of the employment contract, the skills of works councils, the capacities of staff representatives).

Collective bargaining is also a source of health and safety regulations (through intra-branch agreements, branch agreements, company agreements) in France. These collective agreements regulate employer versus employee relations, in particular with regard to occupational health and safety.

8 | What legal framework governs the launch of an online fashion market or store?

The Hamon law of March 17, 2014 (“Hamon Law”) transposes the provisions of Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights, which aims to create a real internal business-to-consumer market, by finding the right balance between a high level of consumer protection and business competitiveness. This law strengthens the pre-contractual information conditions, in relation to:

the general obligation to provide information that applies to any agreement for the sale of products or services, concluded on a business-to-consumer basis (for on-site sales, distance sales and sales outside commercial establishments);

information specific to distance contracts concerning the existence of a right of withdrawal.

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September 18, 2020

The CEJ decided that it was for the French courts to determine whether an individual exemption could benefit from such a selective distribution agreement imposed by the French company Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique SAS on its distributors. In conclusion, it is clear that the ECJ has ruled that the prohibition of internet sales, in a distribution contract, constitutes an anti-competitive restriction.

5 | Do special import and export rules apply to fashion products?

When incorporated, a French company will obtain the following numbers from the French authorities:

an intra-community VAT number, provided to all companies registered in an EU member state;

an EORI number, which is allocated to importers and exporters by the French tax authorities, and which is used in the customs entry declaration and clearance process, for import and export shipments, traveling up to in and from the EU and countries outside the EU.

Fashion and luxury products manufactured outside the EU, and brought into the EU, will be qualified as imports by French customs authorities.

In the event that these fashion and luxury products are transferred from France, or another EU member state, to a third country in the rest of the world (outside the EU), then these products will be deemed to be exports by the French customs authorities.

For imports of fashion and luxury products (i.e. when they enter the EU), the French importer will have to pay certain customs duties and other taxes when he imports these products from a third country, in France or in another EU member state.

These customs duties are the same in each of the 27 EU member states because they are defined by the EU institutions. The importer can calculate these tariffs by accessing the RITA encyclopedia, which shows the global automated tariff benchmark, for each luxury and fashion product.

Through fairly complex manipulations on the RITA encyclopedia, the importer can find the appropriate customs duties, additional taxes and any other charges (such as anti-dumping duties) payable for each type of fashion and other product. imported goods.

For example, if you import a men’s shirt into France or another EU member state from China, there will be a 12 percent customs duty payable (the ‘Customs Duty’).

This Customs Duty will be payable on the price paid to Chinese manufacturers for the men’s shirt in China plus all transportation costs from China to France (or another EU member state).

Therefore, if the men’s shirt has a manufacturing price (mentioned on the invoice from the Chinese manufacturer) of 100 Euros, and if there is 50 Euros in transport costs, the basis of the customs value will be 150 Euros. and the amount of Customs Duty will be 18 Euros (150 Euros multiplied by 12%).

The calculation of customs duties, additional taxes and other charges being such a complicated and specialized area, and the filling of customs declarations being carried out only on the Delta software, which is accessible only by legal persons having received an authorization for use Of this software, most of the EU companies that sell fashion and luxury goods use the services of authorized customs representatives, also known as customs brokers or customs agents.