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March 12, 2021

It was only possible to block, but not to report that it was a fake profile.

But how can it be that profile pictures that only show one face after 11 (in words: ELF!) Days are not yet activated?

The “support” (which supposedly needs 2-3 working days for normal problems) doesn’t seem to exist, you only get the confirmation that the message has arrived.

As a sporty woman, I uploaded 10 pictures of myself (with all of Finya’s desired requirements) – none of them were accepted. Ultimately just a picture of my face. But on other profiles there were quite a few pictures of sporting activities e.g. hiking pictures?!? I was not told why my photos were rejected.

But the worst part is this palpable frustration – almost aggression – with most of them. I had written contact with 5 men, of which only three men attacked and insulted me personally after only a few messages, e.g. because of different opinions on a topic. One of them blocked me after a single message because I wasn’t ready to video chat with them straight away to meet them … etc. etc.

It is really pathetic what a woman has to put up with on such platforms! So the bottom line: never again!

For a few days now I have not been able to send any new messages to members, so I have not been able to make initial contacts. An error message appears: “We’re sorry, that didn’t work …”

The error message appears as a popup with a dark brown border. However, if I am notified, I can respond.

It is only possible to reach Finya via (hidden). There is no support. Finya has not yet responded to my emails.

That’s true. I haven’t been able to contact anyone for several days. I’ve called twice already – nobody knows what. The telephone centers are from some kind of subcontractor. And no one replies to three emails.

I can only answer contacts with whom I have already written … – really very disappointing!

Despite the confirmation, the photos are not visible and there seems to be no solution. No answers to emails and no one could help on the phone. Very bad

But that’s it as soon as you register, spam messages end up en masse in the folder .. stolen pictures .. messages sent by agencies that can be recognized very quickly.

Basically a page that is well-intentioned but is pulled into the bad by the user

… the photos are NOT checked for authenticity, dubious profile texts are i.

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